An attempt to do what hot-rodding is really about!

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With spiritual guidance from the venerable Dick Datson, I have embarked on a quest to build a true DUE CENTO type of vehicle.  This is based on a 50' Studebaker Starlight coupe'  which I "woke up" after a long sleep last year.  It needed the usual things done including replacement of the differential with a stronger one from a Mustang II (8" front bolt with 3.40:1 ratio).  After running it for the summer, it gave up a rod (but despite a hole in the block) ran on five cylinders to its winter resting spot.  I decided to rebuild a 47' motor, again a 169" flathead 6, but this time with an added "Blow-Thru" 2.2 liter TO-3 turbo from a Chrysler Lebaron..... The story is ongoing and the car is expected to hit the snow covered streets of Minnesota early in the year 2000.

passenger side     driver's side     Hole in the block.....

Below is a photo depiction of the project as it continues. A number of these pictures will be interesting only to someone who really wants to try duplicating my project.  I will divide it into chapters


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