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To make it a little easier to find stuff on the site, look below:

General plan, choosing an engine

2  Choosing a turbo,  Blow-thru vs Draw-thru

3  Building intake manifold, Building exhaust manifold, modified carbs

4  Radiator, Piggy-back oil pump, Wheels, Clutch, Starter, Overdrive

5  Installing the engine

6  Final hook-ups, First drive and BOOST!

7  Fuel pumps, Dead-head regulator mod, Carb adapters

8  Modifying the AFB, Boost control, Waste-gate linkage, Modifying the intake for AFB

9  Building and testing a pressure switch, Building a blow-off valve, Air horn adapter for      AFB,   Lag eliminator, Water injection schematic, Accelerator pump shaft

10 Power calculations for turbocharger, Tunable intake manifold

11 Air/water injector plate,  Vortex tubes, More intake plumbing

12 Boost vehicle distributor discussion

13 Air intake, TurboStude on fire!

14 AFB carb talk and more mods (o-ringed throttle shaft)

15 Edelbrock AFB dialing

16 Redwing show

17 Electric fuel pump hook-up (oil pressure, inertia switch, fuse block),A/F meter              Voltage dropper

18 Air hat #2 and air flow measurement

19 Return type regulator ......Oz Cheek's mod

20 Drilling idle jets, calculating gearing, high performance clutch

21 Tuning, head torque, how to degree a timing wheel

22 Electric fan,Electric seats,disk brakes,clutch install

23 Mangled floats, accelerator pump mods

24 Hoodless at Back to the 50's, Thermoquad floats in an AFB

25 Beginnings of belt drive turbo. Go to Gator superchargers for new info

26 Tuning and driveability, off to Salt2Salt racing

27 New air hat design

28 Summer 2006....what this engine is capable of on the dyno.  Temporary epilogue....

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