If you are building a project of a similar vein, link up with me......  Exploits of our 53’ Stude which has been powered by a turbocharged Stude flathead six at Bonneville.

Studebaker Driver’s Club tech page with PDF file on turbocharging the flathead 6

Dick Datson and 21st Century Turbo, the Guru of Blow-thru Turbo Technology 
and his newly revised website offer great insight into past and new directions 
we can head.

Ray Hall Turbo  some calculations and data on various turbos 

Turbo City, for turbo parts

Source for turbo repair kits, cartridges etc. 

Turbo Fundimentals  Turbo explanations

Donovon's Garage   Incredible amount of stuff for the Mopar turbo user

Twin City Norton Owner's Club Homepage  (My other side....)

Inliners, a site catering to inline cylinder enthusiasts

Dawes Engineering, makes turbo electronics stuff         

What he said about my installation

Gus, a turbo kinda guy....

More turbo links

Turbo Magazine

T3/T4 Hybrid install info

TurboRegal website    very informative

King Tut’s Avanti 123456789

Auto math  

Dirt cheap turbo site (smog pumps)

Hotrods World-wide  

Compressor maps and turbo parts for sale
Studebaker reference guide -- The Hot Rod Search Engine

Hop Up  Another great real hotrod site


Here is a cool bit of prose on tools that when printed on nice paper and framed would be welcomed on the wall of any gearhead's shop......